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Today the company is licensed not only in Minnesota, but Wisconsin as well; working with national, individual, and custom builders to provide plumbing systems to suit the customers’ needs and budget. Customers are encouraged to utilize our vast knowledge and years of experience to create a custom designed system that will satisfy their expectations. Wenzel Plumbing’s veteran staff of master plumbers and designers can aid customers with their plumbing decisions in various projects including custom luxury housing, multi- and single-family homes, as well as luxury lofts and condominiums.



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RPZ Testing

What is an RPZ Valve?

An RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) valve is designed for use in commercial and industrial applications to avoid back syphonage and pollution of the potable water distribution system. Wenzel Plumbingspecialiazes in the installation and testing of RPZ valves.

To meet water regulations, RPZ valves are subject to an annual test by the local water authority which can only be carried out by an accredited RPZ tester. As an approved RPZ tester, Wenzel Plumbing can plan and carry out all your RPZ testing. Our service of supply, testing and installing RPZ valves covers all of Minnesota.. Please contact us for more information on how we can reduce your annual RPZ testing costs

Hydronics / In-floor heating

In-floor heating

Radiant Heating is Clean, Comfortable, Efficient, Economical & Healthful In-floor radiant heat can be installed beneath carpet, vinyl, hardwood and tile floors. Radiant heating is better for the health of the occupants and is environmentally friendly. Radiant systems do not blow dirt, dust, pollen and bacteria around the house.

Like sand, concrete is an ideal carrier of radiant heat because of its inherent thermal mass. As warm water circulates through the tubing, the concrete flooring turns into an efficient, inconspicuous radiator. Typically, radiant heating systems warm floors to temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees F. The warm surface then slowly radiates heat upward into the living space, rather than blowing around the heated air. This natural heat transfer is both more comfortable and energy efficient.

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